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Keeban Nam, MD

Keeban Nam, MD

Keeban Nam, MD Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist “I chose a career in psychiatry and mental health because of its approach toward narrative healing; it comes with an understanding and appreciation for the complexity of life and suffering that go beyond medical diagnoses and treatment protocols. Each patient coming into my office brings a different […]

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Kristen Nelson, MD

Kristen Nelson, MD Adult Psychiatrist “My goal is to enhance communication and trust via active listening and empathy. I passionately seek to empower patients to take charge of their health and well-being and to participate in their own treatment planning.” Dr. Nelson Kristen Nelson, MD Patient Ages: 18 – 79 Beverly Hills Bio Dr. Kristen

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Neil Pafford, AMFT

Neal Pafford, AMFT

Therapist I decided to pursue clinical psychotherapy later in life after seeing the immense and great need for people to live in the freedom that they were destined and designed to live. I have never met anyone without adversity, including myself. It is easy to lose our way sometimes and to spend a lot of

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Esther Park, DO

Esther Park, DO

Esther Park, DO Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist “During my education, I first learned about the great, unmet need in the field of psychiatry, particularly child psychiatry, and this piqued my interest. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve found that a person’s well-being depends on a holistic approach to healing – addressing biological, psychological,

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Mijin Park, PsyD

Mijin Park, PsyD

Mijin Park, PsyD Psychologist “When I did some volunteer work with youth, and I was surprised by how many barriers to their growth were caused by intergenerational conflicts between them and their parents. These experiences led me to pursue a graduate program that researched these issues. I eventually became a psychologist in order to help

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Tracy Peralta, PMHNP-BC

Tracy Peralta, PMHNP-BC

Tracy Peralta, PMHNP-BC Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner “My goal is to be a trusted psychiatric nurse practitioner in the local and geriatric communities. The best part of my job is getting to know my patients and not just their illness.” Mrs. Peralta Tracy Peralta, PMHNP-BC Patient Ages: 18 – 90Location: Laguna HillsLanguages: English, Mandarin Bio Tracy

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Aubrey Pink, LMFT

Aubrey Pink, LMFT

Aubrey Pink, LMFT Therapist “I was helped by therapy first as a teenager, and over the years I found myself returning to treatment in times of transition. In therapy I found healing in a way that I hadn’t experienced anywhere else. I have the utmost respect for my clients because I too have walked the

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Christine Ricketts, DO

Christine Ricketts, DO Adult Psychiatrist “Psychiatry is my passion. It fits well into my beliefs and training as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine to view the body as an integrated whole. I love meeting and getting to know my patients and helping to formulate individualized treatment plans to get patients through tough times and difficult

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Bethany Tucker, MD

Bethany Tucker, MD Adult Psychiatrist “After medical school, I had originally planned on going into family medicine. Then, during my residency, I saw firsthand the volume of mental health issues in family care, which inspired me to switch into the psychiatric profession so I could address the bigger picture with my patients. Additionally, I am

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Emily Yee, MD

Emily Yee, MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist “The best part of my job is meeting new families and coming alongside them to navigate through difficult times. As a self-professed nerd, I also love the educational component of my job. When I do an initial appointment with a patient, I always reserve the last third of

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