Child Psychiatrists

Steven Calleros, MD

Steven Calleros, MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist “I have always been interested in mental health and neurology from both behavioral and biological standpoints, and spending quality time with clients makes me excited to be in psychiatry – but the best part of my job is the fact that we can make real change in the …

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Lauren Laddaran, DO

Lauren Laddaran, DO

Lauren Laddaran, DO Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist “Working with children has always been a strong passion of mine, and I started exploring my options in college by volunteering as a Child Life and Recreation therapist aid. It was through that experience that I knew that I wanted to work closely with young patients and their …

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Jonathan Lee, MD

Jonathan Lee, MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist “I grew up watching Frasier every night at dinner with my parents who probably never imagined I’d choose to become a psychiatrist as a result. Though my present therapeutic style is informed more by DBT and modern dynamic therapy than psychoanalysis, I owe it to Dr. Crane’s on-air …

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Keeban Nam, MD

Keeban Nam, MD Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist “I chose a career in psychiatry and mental health because of its approach toward narrative healing; it comes with an understanding and appreciation for the complexity of life and suffering that go beyond medical diagnoses and treatment protocols. Each patient coming into my office brings a different …

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Esther Park, DO

Esther Park, DO Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist “During my education, I first learned about the great, unmet need in the field of psychiatry, particularly child psychiatry, and this piqued my interest. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve found that a person’s well-being depends on a holistic approach to healing – addressing biological, psychological, …

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Emily Yee, MD

Emily Yee, MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist “The best part of my job is meeting new families and coming alongside them to navigate through difficult times. As a self-professed nerd, I also love the educational component of my job. When I do an initial appointment with a patient, I always reserve the last third of …

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