Client Testimonials

Fictitious names and photos have been used to protect the identity of our clients.

Jordan L.

"My psychiatrist and therapist at OHC help me realize what the proper diagnosis is which was the key to recovery, and now I am reaching my potential!"

Mikaela D.

"If it weren’t for my therapist and doctor, I wouldn’t have come this far [in recovery]."

Parent of Brandon K.

"We've searched over 10 years for a good doctor until we finally met you."

Emilia P.

"If it weren’t for my therapist, I can’t imagine what would’ve happened to me and my children. I can smile now!"

Mother of Eduardo B.

"I love how we can come to one place for both therapy and medications and that the therapist and doctor discuss with one another."

Jeanne M.

"My therapist, she’s really good. Really."

Ricky G.

"I now wanna be a psychologist as my future career like my therapist."

Parent of Lorne V.

"My son looks forward to his therapy appointments. I would’ve never expected that."

June M.

"I appreciate how my doctor connects with me emotionally and spiritually."

Parent of Tina R.

"If it weren’t for our therapist and psychiatrist care, our daughter’s life would have been in danger."

Tanya W.

"My doctor is so patient with me and never rushes me out!"

Will B.

"I love how my doctor explains things to me!"

Parent of Ginnie C.

"My two kids would not have become healthy if it weren’t for receiving help at OHC."

Carlos M.

"Therapy at OHC has helped me remove the negative beliefs I had about psychotherapy."

Anh N.

"I never leave my therapy session without having learned something. I’ve truly grown!"

Candace J.

"I love how OHC has available help for our entire family, both therapy and medication management."

Parent of Lin O.

"We could not have imagined this restoration if it weren’t for the team at OHC!"

Guardian of Maxwell S.

"I knew God brought us here to OHC."

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