Psychiatrist Medication Management

For children, adolescents, and adults, a psychiatric medical evaluation is provided by a psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Your first visit will consist of reviewing questions regarding past history that will help the clinical provider come up with a preliminary diagnosis and determine if psychiatric medications would be of benefit. If medications are prescribed, ongoing medication management follow-up appointments are provided to assess the stabilization of symptoms and improvement of the condition until recovery has been reached. At times the medical treatment provider can assist in determining if psychotherapy services are necessary.

Benefits of Psychiatry

  • Psychiatric medications influence the brain chemicals that regulate emotions and thought patterns.
  • For certain conditions, medication treatment can be a necessity for stability and/or safety. When psychiatric symptoms are very severe, effective medications can be used to recover function and improve quality of life.
  • A trained psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner can decipher if a medical problem is involved in any mental health issues.
  • Psychiatric medication treatment is usually more effective when combined with psychotherapy. Medication can support the psychotherapy process. “Medication can help calm the storm, while psychotherapy helps row you back to shore.”