Beverly Hills

Angel Duncan, PsyD

Angel Duncan, PsyD Psychologist “I’m passionate about helping people claim their true self so that they stand firm in their identity and live life to the fullest. Being a 1st generation, Chinese American I understand the struggles of being bi-cultural and trying to ‘fit in’. This struggle to ‘fit in’ at times asks us to […]

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Alicia Francois, PsyD Candidate

Alicia Francois, PsyD Candidate Psychologist “Working with children, adolescents, and young adults has taught me that no two people are alike, even if they have the same diagnosis or struggle with similar issues. For these reasons, I not only love working with these populations, but I also enjoy creating individualized treatment plans that address each

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Kaylin Golerkansky, PsyD

Kaylin Golerkansky, PsyD

Kaylin Golerkansky, PsyD Psychologist “As a licensed clinical psychologist, I work with children and teens to identify their strengths and challenge their mental health struggles. While I have experience using many treatment modalities, I rely on an eclectic toolkit of attachment-based work, emotion focused therapy, and trauma-informed care to tailor treatment to each client’s specific

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Joyce Green, PhD, LMFT

Joyce Green, PhD, LMFT Therapist “Ever since I was in grade school, I noticed I had a penchant for helping my friends solve their personal problems. I’d get phone calls, not just to discuss homework, but inevitably it turned into a mini ‘counseling session.’ As I grew and developed into an adult, that same passion

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Susan Guy, MD

Susan Guy, MD

Susan Guy, MD Adult Psychiatrist “In medical school I became interested in the mind and what makes us human rather than just studying the brain and physical body. I am particularly interested in how our environment, behaviors, and beliefs impact our experience of the world. The most enjoyable part of my work is empowering people

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Marcus Jang, PMHNP-BC

Marcus Jang, PMHNP-BC Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner​ “Psychiatry is the most boundless and creative discipline of medicine. The reward of being part of one’s mental health journey to live meaningfully and happily, is immense and a great privilege.” Mr. Jang Marcus Jang, PMHNP-BC Patient Ages: 12 – 65Beverly Hills Bio Marcus graduated from Brown University, started

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Lauren Laddaran, DO

Lauren Laddaran, DO

Lauren Laddaran, DO Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist “Working with children has always been a strong passion of mine, and I started exploring my options in college by volunteering as a Child Life and Recreation therapist aid. It was through that experience that I knew that I wanted to work closely with young patients and their

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Steven Lee, LMFT

Steven Lee, LMFT Therapist “I was initially drawn to the study of psychology due to my own struggles with, and treatment for, anxiety. When I saw what was possible, I wanted to help others live more fulfilling lives. The best part of my job is working to really understand my clients as unique individuals, and

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Alex Lopez, MD

Alex Lopez, MD

Alex Lopez, MD Adult Psychiatrist “While I had many interests in medical school, psychiatry had a special impact on me. Getting the opportunity to learn about people’s lives and struggles and helping them get to a place they want to be proved to be a special experience that other fields of medicine were lacking for

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Kristen Nelson, MD

Kristen Nelson, MD Adult Psychiatrist “My goal is to enhance communication and trust via active listening and empathy. I passionately seek to empower patients to take charge of their health and well-being and to participate in their own treatment planning.” Dr. Nelson Kristen Nelson, MD Patient Ages: 18 – 79 Beverly Hills Bio Dr. Kristen

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