Deepti Ghiya, MD

Adult Psychiatrist

"I am continually fascinated by the relationship between our mind and body. When our mind is not functioning the way it should, we struggle in all other facets of our life. Treating psychiatric disorders has given me the honor to help people with their mental as well as physical health. I love that being a psychiatrist has allowed me to use the art of communication, therapeutic relationships, wellness and science to empower people to make positive impacts to their mental health."

Dr. Ghiya
Deepti Ghiya, MD

Deepti Ghiya, MD

Patient Ages: 18 – 65


Dr. Ghiya has over 10 years of psychiatric experience including 5 years of training at Stony Brook University where she was chief resident. Here, she focused on evidence based treatment and specialized in women’s mental health, nutritional psychiatry and college mental health.  She has worked in both academic and community institutions and has gained vast experience with all mental disorders.  She has a passion for  treating women during different phases of their life and has spent significant time with OBGYN specialists to provide integrative care to patients with reproductive mental health needs. She practices an integrative model of treatment that combines medication and alternate treatments such as nutrition modification, exercise, yoga, and mindfulness techniques.  She aims to optimize every one of her patient’s mind and body well being.