Mijin Park, PsyD


“When I did some volunteer work with youth, and I was surprised by how many barriers to their growth were caused by intergenerational conflicts between them and their parents. These experiences led me to pursue a graduate program that researched these issues. I eventually became a psychologist in order to help young people break through the obstacles in their lives to reach their greatest potential. I also enjoy working with parents to help them as they guide and raise their children.”

Dr. Park
Mijin Park, PsyD

Mijin Park, PsyD

Locations: Laguna Hills, Fullerton
Languages: English, Korean


Mijin Park, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides psychological services for clients of all ages. A graduate from the Chicago School of Psychology, Dr. Park is an expert in intergenerational conflict within multicultural families. Dr. Park performs psychological assessments for ADHD, executive functioning, and emotional dysregulation, among others. She particularly enjoys working with adolescents and providing their parents with effective skills and strategies for fostering their children’s growth. In her spare time, Dr. Park enjoys cooking, hiking, and gardening.