Video Sessions

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Virtual Services

Telepsychiatry / Teletherapy

Benefits of Video Meeting Sessions with OHC Providers

  • Connect with your provider from home or any other convenient Wi-Fi location
  • Avoid long drive times and save gas
  • No need to arrive early
  • No need to reschedule for sickness, germs stay at home
  • Hassle-free insurance coverage eligibility check & billing
  • Prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy of choice
  • Receive the same high quality service as you would in person

3 Easy Steps

  1. Contact the office to schedule a new appointment
  2. Complete and submit intake paperwork (by email or fax)
  3. Receive a unique private link to securely connect with your provider remotely

Reasons to Make an Appointment Today

  • Receive help with anxiety surrounding COVID-19 while observing social distancing
  • Keep up with your check-ins (and prescriptions) throughout the stay-at-home order
  • Keep making progress toward your best self and your best life