Angel Duncan, PsyD

Angel Duncan, PsyD Psychologist “I’m passionate about helping people claim their true self so that they stand firm in their identity and live life to the fullest. Being a 1st generation, Chinese American I understand the struggles of being bi-cultural and trying to ‘fit in’. This struggle to ‘fit in’ at times asks us to […]

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Alicia Francois, PsyD Candidate

Alicia Francois, PsyD Candidate Psychologist “Working with children, adolescents, and young adults has taught me that no two people are alike, even if they have the same diagnosis or struggle with similar issues. For these reasons, I not only love working with these populations, but I also enjoy creating individualized treatment plans that address each

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Sheena Gill, PsyD

Sheena Gill, PsyD Psychologist “I have always been interested in human behavior and finding ways to help others. I received training with multiple populations and have found a special interest in working with youth and eating disorders. The best part of my job is being able to meet and interact with so many different people

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Kaylin Golerkansky, PsyD

Kaylin Golerkansky, PsyD

Kaylin Golerkansky, PsyD Psychologist “As a licensed clinical psychologist, I work with children and teens to identify their strengths and challenge their mental health struggles. While I have experience using many treatment modalities, I rely on an eclectic toolkit of attachment-based work, emotion focused therapy, and trauma-informed care to tailor treatment to each client’s specific

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Alissa Lukas, PsyD

Alissa Lukas, PsyD Psychologist “I have always been interested in how our experiences and relationships shape our view of ourselves, others and the world. When I was a young adult, my baby cousin was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, which ignited my passion for mental health. I saw the way his teachers and aids worked

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Therese Mascardo, PsyD

Therese Mascardo, PsyD Psychologist “I’ve always loved sitting down to coffee with anyone and hearing their story. From the first time I took Psych 101 and realized I could become a Psychologist and have it be MY JOB to talk to people all day, I was sold. I love getting to support people in building

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Mijin Park, PsyD

Mijin Park, PsyD Psychologist “When I did some volunteer work with youth, and I was surprised by how many barriers to their growth were caused by intergenerational conflicts between them and their parents. These experiences led me to pursue a graduate program that researched these issues. I eventually became a psychologist in order to help

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