Adult Psychiatrists

Susan Guy, MD

Susan Guy, MD

Susan Guy, MD Adult Psychiatrist “In medical school I became interested in the mind and what makes us human rather than just studying the brain and physical body. I am particularly interested in how our environment, behaviors, and beliefs impact our experience of the world. The most enjoyable part of my work is empowering people …

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Deepti Ghiya, MD

Deepti Ghiya, MD

Deepti Ghiya, MD Adult Psychiatrist “I am continually fascinated by the relationship between our mind and body. When our mind is not functioning the way it should, we struggle in all other facets of our life. Treating psychiatric disorders has given me the honor to help people with their mental as well as physical health. …

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Jeffrey Kim, MD

Jeffrey Kim, MD Adult Psychiatrist “Learning about mental health while spending countless hours with patients has been a humbling, but fulfilling journey. Making connections and seeking growth while providing health, wellness and healing is my passion. I look forward to meeting you soon.” Dr. Kim Jeffrey Kim, MD Patient Ages: 18 – 65 Fullerton Bio …

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Andrew Lampley, MD

Andrew Lampley, MD

Andrew Lampley, MD Adult Psychiatrist “From a young age, I personally observed the implications that mental illness can have not only on the individual, but also on their loved ones. This led me to pursue a career in psychiatry where I specialize in understanding the brain, what can go wrong, and what interventions can be …

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Alex Lopez, MD

Alex Lopez, MD

Alex Lopez, MD Adult Psychiatrist “While I had many interests in medical school, psychiatry had a special impact on me. Getting the opportunity to learn about people’s lives and struggles and helping them get to a place they want to be proved to be a special experience that other fields of medicine were lacking for …

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Vania Manipod, DO

Vania Manipod, DO Adult Psychiatrist “When I was in medical school, the topic of Psychiatry always intrigued me. The classes appealed to me, and during my Psych rotation, it became apparent that I had a knack for it as a specialty. As I’ve worked in the psychiatry field these past years, I’ve only grown in …

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Keeban Nam, MD

Keeban Nam, MD Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist “I chose a career in psychiatry and mental health because of its approach toward narrative healing; it comes with an understanding and appreciation for the complexity of life and suffering that go beyond medical diagnoses and treatment protocols. Each patient coming into my office brings a different …

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Kristen Nelson, MD

Kristen Nelson, MD Adult Psychiatrist “My goal is to enhance communication and trust via active listening and empathy. I passionately seek to empower patients to take charge of their health and well-being and to participate in their own treatment planning.” Dr. Nelson Kristen Nelson, MD Patient Ages: 18 – 79 Beverly Hills Bio Dr. Kristen …

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Esther Park, DO

Esther Park, DO Child, Adolescent, & Adult Psychiatrist “During my education, I first learned about the great, unmet need in the field of psychiatry, particularly child psychiatry, and this piqued my interest. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve found that a person’s well-being depends on a holistic approach to healing – addressing biological, psychological, …

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Christine Ricketts, DO

Christine Ricketts, DO Adult Psychiatrist “Psychiatry is my passion. It fits well into my beliefs and training as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine to view the body as an integrated whole. I love meeting and getting to know my patients and helping to formulate individualized treatment plans to get patients through tough times and difficult …

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