Marcus Jang, PMHNP-BC

Marcus Jang, PMHNP-BC Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner​ “Psychiatry is the most boundless and creative discipline of medicine. The reward of being part of one’s mental health journey to live meaningfully and happily, is immense and a great privilege.” Mr. Jang Marcus Jang, PMHNP-BC Patient Ages: 12 – 65Beverly Hills Bio Marcus graduated from Brown University, started …

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Julie Bellendir, PMHNP-BC

Julie Bellendir, PMHNP-BC Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner​ “The best part of my job is getting to really know my patients and walking through restoration with them. I get great joy from hearing about my patients’ successes and helping them during times of struggles. I enjoy getting to know people on a personal level and helping them …

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Steven Calleros, MD

Steven Calleros, MD Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist “I have always been interested in mental health and neurology from both behavioral and biological standpoints, and spending quality time with clients makes me excited to be in psychiatry – but the best part of my job is the fact that we can make real change in the …

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Julie Choe, LMFT

Julie Choe, LMFT Therapist “The best part about my job is making a deep connection with people that I would have never gotten to know otherwise. Hearing other people’s stories gives me a sense of hope for a better future, reminding me that we are all humans after all who need help and may need …

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Angel Duncan, PsyD

Angel Duncan, PsyD Psychologist “I’m passionate about helping people claim their true self so that they stand firm in their identity and live life to the fullest. Being a 1st generation, Chinese American I understand the struggles of being bi-cultural and trying to ‘fit in’. This struggle to ‘fit in’ at times asks us to …

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Katy Eun, LMFT

Katy Eun, LMFT Therapist “Everyone has their own struggles and stressors in life that may result in feeling lost or isolated. Whether we are dealing with relationship issues, life transitions, or traumatic events, it is hard to get through it alone – and the support we have makes a difference. My desire is to help …

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Annette Garcia, LMFT

Annette Garcia, LMFT Therapist “I chose this profession because I desired to help people sort out what they needed in order to acquire a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life that aligns with their authentic selves. The best part of my job is when I witness the fruit of a patient’s labors and see a shift …

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Susan Guy, MD

Susan Guy, MD

Susan Guy, MD Adult Psychiatrist “In medical school I became interested in the mind and what makes us human rather than just studying the brain and physical body. I am particularly interested in how our environment, behaviors, and beliefs impact our experience of the world. The most enjoyable part of my work is empowering people …

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Maria Garcia, LMFT

Maria Garcia, LMFT Therapist “I became a therapist because I enjoy working with people and wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The best aspect of my job is getting to see personal growth in the individuals I serve, knowing that I was able to be a part of their journey.” …

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Deepti Ghiya, MD

Deepti Ghiya, MD

Deepti Ghiya, MD Adult Psychiatrist “I am continually fascinated by the relationship between our mind and body. When our mind is not functioning the way it should, we struggle in all other facets of our life. Treating psychiatric disorders has given me the honor to help people with their mental as well as physical health. …

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